A4.Helix provides English proof-reading and translation (FR>EN and GER>EN) services for your medical, pharmaceutic and research content. We pride ourselves in a comprehensive pipeline ensuring accurate and rigorous communication. Although, we edit and translate medical reports and regulatory documents on a daily basis, we are the specialist when it comes to medical or pharmaceutic research documents, be it research papers, funding applications or conference presentations. We have a deep understanding of fundamental biology as well as medical research processes, with extensive proven expertise in this field. More specifically, our principal editor and translator, has a PhD in Biochemistry from a university in the English-speaking world (University of Adelaide, Australia) and has published 19 medical research papers in international peer reviewed journals (refer to PubMed ). By choosing our editing or translation services, we put our proven track record at your service to produce the very best possible outcome for your documents. To underpin our commitment to attain this goal, you will be able to communicate directly with the editor/translator working on your specific project to discuss any issues which may require clarification, at no additional cost.

We offer three linguistic services:

  1. Proof-reading of content written by non-native English authors (see here).
  2. French to English translation (see here).
  3. German to English translation (see here).

In accordance with accepted translation industry standards, all of our translations are revised by an independent bilingual set of eyes. Either by a native English science post graduate with extensive research laboratory experience or by our principal editor.

To contact us, please send an email to: A4.HELIX@mail.com or petraneufing@orange.fr