About us

The translation and editing services of A4.Helix are directed and implemented by Dr Neufing in collaboration with a select hand-picked team of experts to provide specific linguistic services for the medical, pharmaceutic and life science communities. Dr Neufing has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Adelaide, Australia and is author of 19 medical research papers in international peer reviewed journals (refer to PubMed). This serves to illustrate a proficiency in writing, in English, to international journal standards in fields of expertise as diverse as molecular biology (i.e. DNA), virology, cancer biology (solid tumours and leukaemia), immunology, auto-immunity, nutrition, genetics, epidemiology, microbiology and organic chemistry and represents 20 years of full time work in medical and pharmaceutic research in the English-speaking world. In terms of language experience, Dr Neufing attended schools in France, Germany, Australia and was trilingual at the age of 16. She also has a French and German language degree, which included extensive translation training, from the University of Adelaide. English, nevertheless, remains her dominant language. The creation of A4.Helix linguistic services has allowed expansion and consolidation of the range of editing and translation services offered.

To contact us, please send an email to: A4.HELIX@mail.com or petraneufing@orange.fr